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The price of being successful means the costs of running and maintaining a brass band have increased steadily over the years and for our band this is now approximately £15000 per year. We are an active, busy band and raise money in a variety of ways to fund our expenditure, from single donations, cd sales, raffles, prize money, performing concerts and support through sponsorship.  As well as covering the general day to day running costs, the monies raised are used to:


•           Purchase of new music

•           Promotion of self-promoting concerts in our local community

•           Organising community events to promote the playing of brass instruments

•           Renewal and upkeep of uniforms

•           Renewal and upkeep instruments


As companies look for ways in which they can cost effectively promote themselves locally and nationally sponsoring a brass band can provide a unique and cost effective way of promoting your business. A brass band will help you to reach a wider audience both locally, nationally and internationally. We have built our following on social media therefore increasing exposure and awareness and have a strong following throughout the brass band world. We can provide a range of opportunities to suit different needs and budgets, particularly when compared to the cost of advertising and PR exposure.

We are currently booked to play at over 20 engagements and contests during 2016, including the National Championships of Great Britain this September. Each event will attract audiences of between 100 – 1000 people. 

The potential benefits to a Sponsor are colossal and there are various ways that this can be done.  Examples would be as follows:

•           Sponsor an individual player in the band (£100) or even a complete section of                 players.

•           The Musical Director (£1000)

•           An event such as a self-promoting Concert (£500)

•           a CD recording, which you could use as a gift for your customers and the band             could possibly sell to raise further funds (£750)

•           The Bands travel and or accommodation to all Major contests.

•           Purchase new uniforms (£2000)

•           Purchase new instruments (£2000-£6000 each)

•           Establishing and developing a beginners’ brass group (£2000)


In return for your support:


•           you can use the band for concerts to help perform at your social, charity or             corporate events such as a trade show, exhibition or annual conference.

•           receive free advertising on our website with links to your website, exposure             through our social media outlets, acknowledgement in the concert programme             self-promoted concerts and a negotiated quota of complimentary tickets for all             concerts. 

•           Your advertising banner displayed at all concerts.

•           Your support will also be acknowledged in the band’s quarterly newsletter,              circulated to subscribers, supporters and the local community